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Volunteer Opportunities

What's your next

big thing?



  • Utilize field cameras to tape events around town

  • Produce shows for on air talent

  • Star in and directing your own show

  • Develop new shows

  • Work with editing software, cameras, and sound equipment

  • Editing programs using Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro

  • Grant Writer to help find avenues for funding

  • Update the on-line bulletin board (scroller)

  • Office Assistance

  • YouTube downloading

  • Start a podcast

  • Field reporting and filming 

  • Children’s programming encouraged



  • Keeps the community involved and informed of what is going on in town

  • Strengthens community involvement and gives the diversity of viewpoint

  • Media Literacy through educational internships for young children, students, and adults to learn and enrich their knowledge of broadcasting

  • Promotes discussion and dialogue and various topics of interest

  • Students can use volunteer hours towards fulfilling community service requirements at the high school

  • Builds self-confidence through on-air public speaking and live connection with the audience

  • Helping your local community gives purpose and meaning to those that give back and also enhances the lives of those around us.

Volunteers In Action

We are a group of volunteers for the common goal of  bring public access programming to our community. Our volunteers range from high school students, college students, full time employees, those that are retired, and even folks from our senior center. Each has a different role and interest and  all our welcome and please reach out to us if you wish to be a part of our team via our contact us page. Scroll our photos and see our volunteers in action.

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